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Daniel Johnson, President and Owner
Some of the items in my Museum are available to serious collectors.
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More items will be added over the coming weeks and months.  
The majority of the items you will see in my museum are originally from Jimmy Velvet's world famous ELVIS PRESLEY MUSEUM and the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM In Las Vegas.
The ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM has now been bought by Graceland and retired.
What you will see in my museum are just some of my items from my Private Collection.
My Museum consists of some very personal items once owned by Elvis Presley which include personal clothing, furniture and bedding originally from Elvis Graceland and Hillcrest homes. Items from Elvis Monovale home and the Circle G Ranch. A very large amount of Elvis personal private family photographs and 16mm personal private family films. I also own Copyrights of photos including one of the most famous photos of Elvis, Elvis and baby Lisa laying cheek to cheek in Elvis Hillcrest home circa Feb.1968. Famous signed contracts and documents from important moments in Elvis career including Movie,TV and Army and so much more......
All my items in my Museum comes with a Trail of paperwork with all the Original History, Original Certificates of Authenticity, Letters of authenticity or other paperwork, so they can be traced back to those early days, which is very important for me.
I just feel there was a period just after Elvis passed away into the early Eighties before Graceland opened its doors and realised how special items were. During that period (and before) August 1977-1982+, many very very private items belonging to Elvis over his lifetime were available from Elvis close family and a few close people next to him who were willing to sell.
Very many people in that early period just did not think that there would be that much interest in Elvis after a year or two of his death, How very very wrong they were.
It all began on June 1st 1978 when Jimmy Velvet a friend of Elvis of 22 years opened the Elvis Presley Museum across the road from Graceland. Jimmy was also very close to Vernon Presley and the Presley family. He was never on the payroll, just a true friend. The Elvis Presley Museum was the only museum licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises inc. and "Graceland" the estate of Elvis Presley. Jimmy opened his museum four years before Graceland opened its doors to the public.
Jimmy who Owned and was President of the Elvis Presley Museum had amassed the largest authentic collection of artifacts owned by Elvis Presley in the world.
Members of Elvis family and Entourage knew Jimmy and contributed pieces to the museum. eventually he acquired hundreds of artefacts and opened museums in Honolulu, Orlando, Nashville and Kiissimmee, Florida, also by setting up temporary exhibits in malls throughout the USA and overseas tours, It gave thousands of other people a chance to see his collection.
Jimmy first met Elvis in 1955 when Jimmy was just 15 and Elvis was 20 in Jacksonville Florida.
One of the items in my Museum is the Backstage Pass that Elvis Personally made and signed and gave to Jimmy so he could get backstage at any time in the mid Fifties. The only one of that kind that exists today.
Jimmy Velvet had a wonderful career himself with records such as We Belong Together, Blue Velvet, It's Almost Tomorrow and Teen Angel to name a few, He also owned the American Music Studios in Nashville.
Jimmy's substitute English teacher was Mae Axton at Jimmy's school Paxton High, she went on to write Heartbreak Hotel, she was also a show promoter, she brought the Hank Snow Show to the Gator Bowl, that's where Jimmy first met Elvis in 1955.
It's for the Love and Deepest Respect I have for Elvis Presley and my very close dear friend Jimmy Velvet and Elvis Presley's millions of fans around the world that I have put this Museum and Shop together from some of my Private Collection.
Thank you
Enjoy the Museum
Best Wishes
Daniel Johnson
President and Owner
"He said  ah, you never stood in that mans shoes or saw things through his eyes, or stood and watched with helpless hands, while the heart inside you dies. So help your brother along the way, no matter where he starts, for the same God that made you, made him too, these men with broken hearts."